Monday, January 4, 2016

Announcement: Plans for Next Year!

Welcome to 2016! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. We've hinted before that this year, we might be taking a bit of a different direction here at For Those About to Mock, and we're finally ready to unveil our plans.

Since we started this blog four years ago, we've used the preponderance of our space to review new books that could be contenders for the Newbery (and, to a lesser extent, the other Youth Media Awards). However, we've also written other posts, including our Winner's Circle series, in which we've looked at some of the past Newbery winners.

This year, we've decided as a team to focus on looking more carefully at the past winners of the Newbery Medal, which means we get to fire up our
Each month, we'll feature reviews of winners from a different decade, starting with the 1920s here in January.* Expect lively discussion and a (hopefully) entertaining look at prizewinners from the days of yore! We hope our readers (especially our noble #nerdbery forebears) will chime in with comments about favorite (or less than favorite) winners.

We may also review some current books in contention for the 2017 Newbery, but expect our main spotlight to be on past winners. We hope you enjoy!

* Fortunately, I've already reviewed Smoky, the Cowhorse. *shudder*
** Thanks to Kacey Martin for our awesome Newbery Wayback Machine logo!