Friday, January 13, 2012

And Me! I Salute You Too!

Creating a new blog is sort of like writing an old-school rap song: it’s important that you start out by explaining who you are and what you’re here to say. So, with that in mind…


I’m Sam Eddington, and I work at the Eastern Shore Regional Library (MD) as the training coordinator, accordion player, and resident eccentric. I started my library career as the nighttime circulation supervisor at the Sacred Heart University (CT) library, where I achieved notoriety for my demands that doughnuts be saved for me on days when they were brought in the morning. After that, I worked as the library director and school librarian in Amargosa Valley (NV), and the adult services supervisor at the Mt. Airy branch of the Carroll County (MD) library, before finding a place best suited to my “skill set.” I’m the author of a local history volume, Diamond in the Desert: A History of the Amargosa Valley Library, as well as a smattering of published poetry; additionally, I spent three years or so writing music reviews for when the name was owned by a music blog, and it was still a going concern.


I love discussing creative things: books, art, movies, and music. I especially love discussing children’s literature, particularly in the context of the Newbery and other major awards. Rachael and I do this all the time; we don’t always agree, but that’s half of the fun of it.

I plan on using this space to take these conversations about the Newbery to the Internet – from winners and snubs of years gone by, to books that I think may be contenders in the present and future. Most of all, I’d like to extend an open invitation to sit in with us, challenge us, laugh with us, and explore with us, as we keep going along our children’s literature journey.

Also, I like dystopia. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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