Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Awards: Sam's Rapid Reactions

A Few Quick Thoughts from this year's YMAs:

~ It was nice to see Wonderstruck pick up a Schneider award. It's one of those books that no one really knew what to do with because of its format -- and you knew Brian Selznick wasn't going to snare a second Caldecott -- so I'm glad they found a place to honor it.

~ Congrats to Susan Cooper for the Margaret Edwards award. I did have a moment of sadness that William Sleator, who was my hero when I was a young adult myself, and who died this past year, never picked up this award. Interstellar Pig, House of Stairs, The Green Futures of Tycho, and Singularity loom large in my teenage memories.

~ I'm not a picture book expert -- and I'm even less of one now that my daughter is out of that age range -- but I do keep up at least a little, and the Caldecott win for A Ball for Daisy took me by surprise.

~ Not the best day for some of the favorites. Amelia Lost! was completely shut out -- I was shocked it didn't pick up at least a Sibert honor. And the only award for Okay For Now was an audiobook honor.

~ Nice Arbuthnot choice in Michael Morpurgo by Rachael and the rest of the committee! That will be a popular speech.

~ Rachael looks even more like a genius because due to her efforts, Jack Gantos is already booked as our author visit for the Eastern Shore libraries this spring, and has been for months. Nice!

~ Oh, Breadcrumbs. I, at least, will always treasure you.

~And...Dead End in Norvelt. One of the two books from this last year's Maryland Mock Newbery that I didn't post about. I'll gather the rest of my thoughts and put them up here before long!

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